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Our History

Nelson County Industries-NCI was established in 1974 by Communicare, in partnership with the Nelson County Association for the Handicapped, to provide training and employment opportunities for developmentally disadvantaged adults.  Over time, the building that housed the NCI workplace became insufficient to sustain growth and making improvements to the building were deemed to be cost prohibitive.  To overcome these deficiencies, the Guthrie Opportunity Center Foundation was formed and incorporated in 2011.  The mission of the Foundation is to financially support and expand the delivery of vocational training and job placement opportunities for developmentally disabled adults in Nelson County, Kentucky.

Through generous support from the community, the Foundation was able to acquire an 85,000 square foot warehouse to replace the previous NCI facility.  This new facility, named the Guthrie Opportunity Center, affords ample space for expanding and growing our services. Since the Foundation initially lacked tax exempt status, the building was entrusted to Communicare, Inc. and initial improvements were made to add client support offices, continue training programs and contractual operations. In 2014, after receiving nonprofit status, the Foundation took possession of the building. We are now preparing to assist Communicare in further expanding vocational opportunities and securing community business partners.  These partners will offer contract work to the center, as well as integrated employment for higher-functioning individuals within their businesses.