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Employment Programs

The Guthrie Opportunity Center (GOC) partners with Communicare to provide meaningful employment for the developmentally disabled through a variety of contract work opportunities with community partners, including sorting, package assembly, product labeling and more.

The Guthrie Opportunity Center and Communicare partner with several organizations within the community to provide contract work as the need arises. Some of our long-standing contract community partners are: Heaven Hill, Fastenal, Johnan America, Trim Masters, Tower Automotive, Walker Recycling, Four Roses, and Bartons. We are always interested in increasing our contract community partners and we hope you will contact us to identify an opportunity to partner with the GOC employment services and add value to your organization.

Our community employers work with us in a variety of ways. Some of them have hired GOC individuals within their businesses while others support the GOC by allowing our GO to Work students to participate in their businesses as part of their class work and experience different types of opportunities through a Supportive Employment Program.